Common Prenatal Genetic Screening Tests

Our ultrasound technologists routinely perform prenatal genetic screening tests for pregnant people to gain insight into the development of a fetus and determine whether serious conditions may be present. Today, we list the tests and explain the benefits of each. 

Prenatal Genetic Screening Tests

As a pregnant person, you can opt for prenatal genetic screening tests to gain insight into the development of a fetus. Keep in mind that the results can also lead to some difficult, very personal choices such as whether to continue the pregnancy if it’s found that your baby likely has a serious condition.

Knowing this information may help prospective parents prepare for the birth of a baby that will require special care.

In addition, people attempting to get pregnant can take a test to investigate issues with fertility and gain insight into why they may be having difficulty conceiving.

No matter which choices you make, our radiology team at Premier Imaging will explain your prenatal screening options and help you navigate the process.

Two Types of Blood Tests

The two main types of blood tests include:

Standard Prenatal Blood Testing - This test measures chemicals in blood that can indicate relative likelihood of abnormalities.

DNA Detection Test - More recently, tests that can detect a baby’s DNA in a mother’s blood have hit the market.

Anyone who has prenatal genetic screening done should be aware that these tests cannot definitively detect whether an abnormality exists — they only estimate chances. If you receive an abnormal test result, further testing may need to be completed to confirm a diagnosis or to reassure parents about the condition.

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