Vascular Ultrasound in Ottawa

For patients with vascular conditions, diagnosis is a critical first step to finding answers. At our clinic in Ottawa, our experienced radiologists perform vascular ultrasounds. 

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Vascular Ultrasounds, Ottawa

What is a Vascular Ultrasound?

A vascular ultrasound test at Premier Imaging is a painless, non-invasive diagnostic imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to help us produce images of blood vessels, veins, and arteries in any part of the body, from the neck to the arms and legs.

This test is also known as a duplex study and may be performed to evaluate the success of a bypass or stent following a vascular procedure, diagnose a narrowing of arteries, or reveal other important information such as the location and severity of disease. 

No matter where you are in the diagnostic process, you'll likely have concerns about your condition and how it may impact your short and long-term health. With a vascular ultrasound, we may be able to find a cause for the swollen veins that often accompany clots or deep vein thrombosis, or other painful symptoms.

Our expert radiologists provide the highest standard of comprehensive diagnostic imaging to help your doctor make an accurate, efficient diagnosis. This can put you well on your way to being able to effectively manage your condition and enjoying quality of life.

We look forward to playing an integral role in your physical health and wellbeing and can address any concerns you or your healthcare team may have. 

The Vascular Ultrasound Procedure

During a vascular ultrasound, the radiologist will monitor how fast sound waves are fed back to the ultrasound machine. This critical piece of data helps us learn how fast the blood is flowing through the vessel. If it is moving too quickly, this may indicate an obstruction or narrowing. 

  • Conditions affecting the veins, arteries, or blood vessels can severely impact long-term health and well-being. That's why it's important to have an expert radiologist on your side. Our team is deeply invested in your health and looks forward to guiding you through every step of the diagnostic process.
    - Dr. Geoff Doherty

Patient Preparation

Here is what you can expect during each phase of the process, in addition to details on what to bring with you to your appointment at our clinic.

Vascular Ultrasound FAQs

Read the answers to our most frequently asked questions about vascular ultrasounds at Premier Imaging in Orléans, Ottawa.

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