Obstetrical Ultrasound in Ottawa

You may be feeling a range of emotions, from joy to worry, about coming in for an obstetrical ultrasound. At Premier Imaging in Ottawa, our radiologists look forward to supporting you. 

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What is an Obstetrical Ultrasound?

Our radiologists perform an obstetrical ultrasound to capture images of a fetus or embryo in the womb of a pregnant woman. This useful clinical procedure allows us to establish that a living embryo or fetus is developing, estimate how long a woman has been pregnant and collect other valuable data about the pregnancy and growing fetus.

While an obstetrical ultrasound confirms that you are, in fact, pregnant, it can also reveal much more useful information, such as congenital abnormalities in the fetus.

Of course, you may be feeling a combination of emotions before, during, and after this type of test - everything from excitement and joy to apprehension, anxiety or even numbness. 

Rest assured, these are all normal feelings  and we see them daily in patients who come for ultrasounds. While you're not alone in feeling this way, please know we understand that you have unique needs, questions, and concerns - and that we are fully prepared to address them during your appointment, or at any time in conjunction with your healthcare team.

The Obstetrical Ultrasound Procedure 

The transducer sends sound waves through the skin and records the waves that echo back. These waves are measured instantly by a computer and displayed on the monitor in real-time.

We will be able to see the mother's ovaries and uterus during the exam. Any discomfort during this procedure is typically temporary, and minimal.

  • When new or expectant parents come in for their first obstetrical ultrasound, they're often feeling a mix of emotions. Our expert radiologists can address concerns and offer valuable advice while managing this procedure with a gentle, compassionate touch.
    - Dr. Vincent Della Zazzera

Patient Preparation

Here is what you can expect during each phase of the process, along with details on what to bring with you to your appointment at our clinic.

Obstetrical Ultrasound FAQs

Read the answers to our most frequently asked questions about obstetrical ultrasounds at Premier Imaging.

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