Saline Infusion & Tubal Patency in Ottawa

Patients experiencing infertility or other women's health issues may feel both anxious and hopeful about coming in for SIS and tubal patency testing. At Premier Imaging, you can count on compassionate diagnostic care.

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Saline Infusion & Tubal Patency, Ottawa

What is Saline Infusion & Tubal Patency?

If you are experiencing infertility issues, you need clear, accurate answers. With saline infusion sonography (SIS), we can investigate problems with fertility, assess tubal patency in infertile patients, and evaluate the size and position of the cervix and uterine cavity. 

As you prepare for your SIS and tubal patency evaluation, you may feel like you are on a "roller coaster ride" of emotions - from frustration to sadness, anxiety, feelings of hopefulness about a potential diagnosis and solutions, and more. Feeling one or all of these is very common, and we often see these emotions in patients who come in for testing. 

Wherever you are on this spectrum, our team of expert radiologists and support staff are here to guide you through every step of the process, and to help you feel relaxed, safe, and comfortable. 

The Saline Infusion & Tubal Patency Process

A tubal patency study can help us find out why a woman may be having difficulty conceiving. When saline solution is passed into the fallopian tubes, we will be able to see whether the tubes are patent or "open" courtesy of the ultrasound. 

SIS may also be recommended if you suffer from irregular, heavy or post-menopausal bleeding or have had abnormal ultrasound results. Following your appointment, the radiologist will ensure your doctor receives test results on a timely basis. If any further diagnostic testing is needed, we look forward to working with your healthcare team.

  • Infertility issues are very personal and unique to each woman or couple. Our radiology team loves getting to know the patients we see and ensuring they feel safe, comfortable, and informed from the moment they walk in the door. We take pride in providing compassionate diagnostic care.
    - Dr. Alain Marleau

Patient Preparation

Here is what you can expect during each phase of the process, in addition to details on what to bring with you to your appointment at our clinic.

Saline Infusion & Tubal Patency FAQs

Read the answers to our most frequently asked questions about saline infusion and tubal patency at our clinic in Orléans, Ottawa. 

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