MSK Ultrasound in Ottawa

Musculoskeletal pain or injuries can severely impact your quality of life. Our radiologists in Ottawa use MSK ultrasounds to determine the extent of an injury. 

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MSK Ultrasound, Ottawa

What is an MSK Ultrasound?

An ultrasound technologist performs an MSK (musculoskeletal) ultrasound to specifically focus on your joints and muscles.

Patients often come to us after seeing a doctor about an injury or pain, which may be acute with a rapid onset of severe symptoms, or more chronic and long-lasting. From carpal tunnel syndrome to fibromyalgia, back pain, joint pain, muscle spasms, lumps, and more, musculoskeletal pain can encompass a broad set of conditions. 

At Premier Imaging, we understand pain can severely impact your quality of life. By taking an MSK ultrasound, we'll be well on our way to diagnosing your issue and working with your healthcare team to find solutions to help alleviate or manage your pain. 

The MSK Ultrasound Procedure

The exam will allow us to determine the extent of the injury or problem, precisely where the source of painful symptoms is located, if it is solid or filled with fluid, and more.

During the ultrasound, a transducer is pressed to the skin and sends high-pitched sound waves to travel through the body. Wave activity is converted into detailed, real-time pictures of tendons, joints, muscles, and other structures. 

An MSK ultrasound can help us confirm a diagnosis and follow up with your healthcare team to plan more tests or follow-up diagnostic care.

  • For patients with acute or chronic musculoskeletal injuries or pain, an MSK ultrasound can result in an accurate, efficient diagnosis - and a way to relieve or manage their symptoms. Our radiologists understand how important it is to find answers - and are committed to helping you do so.
    - Dr. Geoff Doherty

Patient Preparation

Here is what you can expect during each phase of the process, along with details on what to bring with you to your appointment at our clinic.

MSK Ultrasound FAQs

Read the answers to our most frequently asked questions about MSK ultrasounds at Premier Imaging.

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