Dr. Jean M. Seely

Dr. Jean M. Seely is a renowned radiologist in Ottawa, specializing in breast and thoracic imaging. Her mission is to reduce the mortality and morbidity of breast cancer.

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Dr. Jean M. Seely

Dr. Jean Seely is a renowned breast radiologist based in Ottawa. Her mission is to reduce the mortality and morbidity of breast cancer, and to provide high-quality breast imaging nationally and internationally. She believes all women should have access to Breast Screening Programs.

Dr. Seely holds numerous academic and professional titles, including full Professor of Medicine in the Department of Radiology at the University of Ottawa and Head of the Breast Imaging Section at the Ottawa Hospital. She is also the President of the Canadian Society of Breast Imaging. 

Her research interests include breast cancer screening, quality in breast imaging and patient experiences and breast MRI. She has published 90 peer-reviewed papers and 10 chapters on breast and chest imaging. In addition to her titles, Dr. Seely is also a Fellow of the Society of Breast Imaging and has been nominated for several leadership and mentorship awards at the Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa. 

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